$ 209,000

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QCD Model: QCD-K  PP Features 
This purpose designed dropknee (DK) machine is made for speed with enough curve to carve & slide the tail as you desire.
One of the few purpose built DK shrted sticks on the market. This is the cream of the crop!

CORE: Kinetic Polypro Core
Kinetic Polypro Core is a state of the art engineered bodyboard core.
A lightweight core that is fusion formed to create a nucleus that delivers incredible flexural properties, including instant recoil, added projection, enhanced longitudinal stiffness & awesome compression strength. 100% waterproof
STRINGESR: 2 x CFT Stringers
DECK: Wavecushion 8lb PE Deck
SLICK: Surlyn Slick
TAIL: Clipped Crescent Tail with smaller 1 inch Pegs
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Nose Kick shaped into rocker, Double Concave AKU CNC Channels, Raised thumb groove deck contour, 55/45 Double rails, Nose & Tail Bumpers, Nose Bulbs, CNC Shaped.

Black Deck// Black Pinline// Black Rails// Orange Slick 


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